Can we agree to use "Talk" as a place to discuss changes and updates? For example, I see a section on Warm-Up but it isn't clear how we get there ... the link in the body of work. It risks becoming an orphan essay.

Is it too soon to discuss style and our goals and objectives? I am a great believer in experimentation but having an end goal, a target, a shared vision makes it easier to conform the style to that goal. For example, I have long believed Prius owners, especially those who buy used Prius, need a model specific Owner's Guide. If we take this approach, the warm-up phases would documented per model as there are differences.

BTW, I have a thick skin and take suggestions and criticisms in the spirit offered. Please see these as gentle suggestions on how our work here can become more useful to the reader.

One that thing, we have an NHW11 and ZVW30 so I feel comfortable bringing this data to our work. I also have an extensive collection of papers from Toyota and Deptartment of Transportation. But my style is to cite the source material in the body of the text and minimize the number of links dependent upon other sites. It is not uncommon to find a link today disappears tomorrow but Google does a good job of finding copies.

Bwilson4web 20:51, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

(Hope I'm "talking" here the right way. I'm not familiar w/Wikia/Wiki UI.)

Pakitt who started this page has sort of posted his goals/objectives at One can talk about the changes over there. ;) Anyhow, for me, I've already stated my reasons in that thread but also strongly agree that it's a good idea that we have a unified place where we publish/store nuggest of info that are otherwise just lost in a sea of posts on Priuschat, Yahoo groups, etc. I sometimes have had to search for my own posts on Priuschat to dig up some info to respond to someone. It's tougher to find when I have to search other people's posts.

I also wanted a unified place for links to the Prius myth rebuttals and didn't want to fight the battle w/whoever thought that the Wikipedia entry's XW10, XW20, etc. stuff was a good idea. (If someone here decides to change NHW10 to XW10, I will keep on changing it back to NHW10.)

I'm not prepared to vet or ask for approval to make changes here. That's just too much overhead. I had enough processes at my former work that got in the way of getting work done. I do think it's good to discuss goals, objectives, future ideas, or "settle" on what the "right" info is if there's debate a cycle of back and forth editing (changes made, then undone, made again, etc.)

As for content that disappears, I've been going out of my way to get content added to That's (hopefully) a lot more reliable that a Google cache since content removed for a site will also eventually vanish from Google's cache. Only problem is sites excluding themselves or sections/directories via robots.txt or if goes under.

It might be a good idea (if possible) to lock down the Wiki to only folks who have an id. I know JimboPalmer added "Drivers who should not own a Prius" only because I suggested that he do so after I met him. I'm not sure if he wanted to sign up for more work to add references. I figure him having it here, even w/o references is better than it being buried on Priuschat.

His goal was that people know up front before buying a Prius whether the vehicle is for them rather than spending the money and being unhappy afterward.

Cwerdna 22:16, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks. I have an idea about how to approach the Prius model identifier. Do you still have an NHW20 or know someone who does?

I'll start a subect called,"Prius Labels" that shows the door jam labels of our NHW11 and ZVW30 with the model clearly identified. If we can add the same for an NHW20, I feel comfortable adding an entry in WikiPedia with citing the source, the labels actually on every Prius. We'll let it 'cogitate' for a while and then back-out the 'invented' model information that is NOT adequately documented. In WikiPedia, the posting with the most credible source tends to win ... persistence is also needed. <GRINS> . . . Hummm, know anyone with persistence around?

Bwilson4web 23:45, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

I still have an NHW20 and will add a picture of the label soon.

Cwerdna 23:51, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

The labels page is ready. I don't have a firewall stamp for the ZVW30. Just waiting on the NHW20.

Bwilson4web 22:55, July 4, 2011 (UTC)


I've uploaded the photo but had trouble getting the sizing right or to keep it from mucking up the rest of the page. Can you help get my pic up there properly? Thanks!

I couldn't find the body stamp. There is frame name visible under the hood on the firewall (?), but it's just the same as the VIN.

Cwerdna 03:37, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

The trick is to set the saved jpg width as 640 pixels. This will make it full-size. If it is smaller, then text will wrap on the left. I larger, it is left trimmed.

I picked up the NHW20 image but couldn't get the 700+ pixel in my copy buffer. So I used what I could, enhanced the contrast and sharpness and save it in the page. There also needs to be soom 'pad' lines to make sure it doesn't encroach on the next topic. ... It is kinda 'brain dead' as far as editing is concerned but workable.

If you see a plastic flap with "VIN" near the windshield area, lift it up and you should see the model number and chassis identifier. As for the ZVW30, it'll be cooler in the morning and I'll get around to pulling off the cover and taking a photo of the body stamp.

Bwilson4web 04:11, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

Still cannot find it on my NHW20 (was doing this at night). The VIN plate visible from the windshield is inaccessible. I can't get my fingers in there. On the Yahoo group, you mentioned Ebay Motors190550679812. Can you point to me where it is from one of the pics?

On the underhood shots, on the passenger side, there's what looks like a removable grille, near the wiper. It says Frame Number (or No.) but you can only see the VIN through there. I couldn't find any flaps on the driver side near the VIN.

Cwerdna 05:50, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

Hi - I finally manage to write something - I was out all last week due to a biz trip and the week before that I never got to write something here. Wikia was also "complaining" that as an admin of the wiki I wasn't showing up enough. Acutally I wanted to make you 2 admins as well, but I don't know how to - I looked around and still could not find a way to change your profile to admins for this wiki. If you know how to do it, and if you would like to be admin, please let me know.

As far as for contet goes, I have not had so far topics to add or had the time to extend what is already written here. The "sad" thing is that I am not seeing any requests for changes/improvements from PC users - I wonder if anybody is reading this wiki at all. But I will persist - and I thank you for your contributions so far.



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