Every Prius carries a number of government and manufacturer labels found on the driver door jam and the engine compartment. Furthermore, Toyota provides an unambigious model for each vehicle so the right parts will be used with the correct model. Without it, an inattentive technician might attempt to apply a similar part from one model to another with potentially disasterous results.

1998-2000 Prius (NHW10)Edit

Body stamp:

Label 030

Model number and VIN number of NHW10 courtesy of Jeremy Wilkerson of Mk_1 Yahoo Group.

Photo thanks to Mk_1 group.

2001-2003 Prius (NHW11)Edit

Body stamp:

Label 040

Toyota model number and body stamp.

Door stamp:

Label 070

Door label showing the VIN and model number that match the body stamp.

Photo curtesy of Bob Wilson, Huntsville, AL.

2004-2009 Prius (NHW20)Edit

Body stamp:

Door stamp:

Label 080

NHW20 door label from cwerdna.

This is an example of the NHW20 model, door label.


2010-current Prius (ZVW30)Edit

Door stamp:

Label 050

Door label showing model number, ZVW30.