Prius 3 - Halogen Headlights

Prius Gen3 Halogen Lights (pic kindly provided by PriusChat member Paradox)

Prius 3 - LED Headlights

Prius Gen3 LED Lights (pic kindly provided by PriusChat member Paradox)

The Prius Gen 3 is offered with 2 types of headlights. One with conventional and cheaper halogen bulbs, the other with more expensive LEDs.

While the former might need likely to be changed one or more times during the lifetime of the vehicle, the latter last the entire lifetime of the vehicle. Moreover, they consume less energy compared to light emitted.

In the picture to the right, the difference between the light pattern and while point of the 2 different headlights as shown by PriusChat member Paradox[1].



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