Prius nhw20

2008 Toyota Prius

Model year changes in the exterior for the Gen 2 Prius

2004 - 2005Edit

Introduction of the hatchback - the commonly recognizable Prius shape

2006 - 2009Edit

Same as 2004 - 2005 except

  1. horizontal black line in center of rear lights and headlights is replaced by white LEDs.
  2. Hybrid badges were added to the sides of the car (on the front fenders)
  3. Top of the taillights no longer "blend" into the smaller window
  4. Chrome upper grill added for increased appeal 

Touring ModelEdit

Available 2007 - 2009

1) HID headlamps + fog lamps (standard)
2) slightly larger rear spoiler
3) 1" larger tires (16") and 7 spoke alloy wheels (base model has 6 spoke 15" alloy wheels)
4) European suspension

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